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I enjoy teaching because for me it is a special way of learning -- one always learns so much more, when one tries to teach a subject well.

I started teaching once I finished high school, throughout my own undergrad studies, up to my current position. I am happy to say that I've taught/tutored in every single educational institution that I have been at: high school, NTU, NUS, TU Delft, FU Berlin, and now back at NTU again. The most rewarding part of teaching is to see your students gaining appreciation and passion for the beauty of science, instead of being concerned about simply solving another problem, or getting a higher grade. I have increasingly found that this is even more 


Teaching, when done well, is a job that serves others with wisdom, integrity and humility, which is rare in today's world. We are in need of better educators.


By learning you realize the deficiency of your knowledge,

by teaching you discover the boundaries of your education.

1. Freie Universität Berlin (2019)

Advanced Quantum Mechanics (many-body physics)

(Masters course)

2. Delft University of Technology (Aug-Dec 2016)

MOOC on Quantum Cryptography

Writing/editing of lecture notes

3. National University of Singapore (2012-2014)

Introduction to Information Theory

(Third year Computer Science Module)

4. Nanyang Technological University (2010-2012)

Quantum Mechanics I (Second year Physics Module)

Fields and Oscillations (First year Physics module)



1. Alexander zur Bonsen (2019)

Project: Error correction and thermodynamics

Result: Master thesis, publishable results

2. Tom Wessel (2018)

Project: Optimizing anomalous heat flow

Result: Bachelor thesis, publishable results

3. Remco van der Meer (2016)
Project: Superactivation of state transitions and smoothing in quantum thermodynamics
Result: Bachelor thesis, Publication in Phys. Rev. A

4. Cristina Cirstoiu (2013)
Project: Embezzling states and their applications in catalysis of quantum thermodynamics
Result: Publication in New Journal of Physics

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