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30 Oct 2023

The quantum state over time is unique! Seokhyung and I developed a set of minimal and physically motivated axxioms, and from there were able to show that they pinpoint a single descriptions for our recent subject of fascination: QSOTs :) Check out our preprint arXiv: 2308.12752 for details!

1 June 2023

Finally after 1.5 years of meeting weekly over Zoom, and a wonderful week in Hannover together, we completed our review on catalysis in quantum information theory! Patryk and Henrik were wonderful to work with, and I enjoyed our "catalyst fan club" gatherings very much! Check out our article on arXiv (arXiv:2306.00798) for a concise guide and a one-stop resource (pun intended) for anyone new to catalysis!

22 March 2023

Exciting news! My second paper with Jeongrak is out. While tackling his first project, we couldn't resist pondering how catalysis might shake up the hierarchy of thermal processes, and the answer turned out to be delightfully straightforward! Dive into the fun details by checking out our paper on arXiv:2303.13020.

29 September 2022

I'm particularly proud of this work because it's the first project with my first PhD student Jeongrak Son :) Our journey began with the modest goal of exploring the advantages small catalysts could offer in the real-world context of ETOs. In the end, our most significant accomplishment was making analytical and technical strides in characterizing ETOs—an especially challenging problem. The impact was such that it spilled over into a follow-up project! Discover the details in our work on arXiv:2209.15213.


The variance of relative surprisal as single-shot quantifier

Paul Boes, Nelly HY Ng, Henrik Wilming

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Quantum field thermal machines

Marek Gluza, João Sabino, Nelly HY Ng, Giuseppe Vitagliano, Marco Pezzutto, Yasser Omar, Igor Mazets, Marcus Huber, Jörg Schmiedmayer, Jens Eisert

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Bounding the resources for thermalizing many-body localized systems

Carlo Sparaciari, Marcel Goihl, Paul Boes, Jens Eisert, Nelly HY Ng

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The maximum efficiency of nano heat engines depends on more than temperature

Mischa Woods, Nelly HY Ng, Stephanie Wehner

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Limits to catalysis in quantum thermodynamics

Nelly HY Ng, Laura Mančinska, Cristina Cirstoiu, Jens Eisert, Stephanie Wehner

Focus Issue on Quantum Thermodynamics, New Journal of Physics 17, 085004 (2015)
Journal Highlight: Perspective article by P. Skrzypczyk, NJP 17 (2015)


The second laws of quantum thermodynamics

Fernando G.S.L. Brandao, Michał Horodecki, Nelly HY Ng, Jonathan Oppenheim, Stephanie Wehner

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Experimental implementation of bit commitment in the noisy-storage model

Nelly HY Ng, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Chen Ming Chia, Christian Kurtsiefer, Stephanie Wehner

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The most updated list of preprints and publications are on Google Scholar and arXiv.

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