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Post-doctoral fellows

We are interested in problems of quantum information, quantum thermodynamics, as well as their applications in quantum many-body physics. We are also part of the Nanyang Quantum Hub, where a large range of other research interests are present, from theoretical topics such as quantum complexity and resource theories, to experimental groups working on various quantum platforms. You can expect a vibrant community with lots of potential for collaborative efforts!

Candidates are welcomed to write me an email, attaching your academic CV, together with a link to your PhD thesis and full publication list (e.g. Google Scholar). This is an open-ended call, I will consider high-quality applications as they come in.

Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship

As part of the international Humboldt network, postdoctoral candidates from Germany have the option of applying to join the group via the Feodor Lynen Research fellowship (the analogue of the prestigious AvH fellowship for German postdocs looking to perform their research abroad). Kommen Sie, und lass uns zusammen Wissenschaft tun!

PhD students

Applicants should have a degree in physics or mathematics, with strong theoretical skills, together with an interest and some exposure to quantum information theory. Application dates begin as early as 7-8 months before the semester starts, so please keep timelines in mind.

Please check out this website for details of the application process:

Note, in particular, that GRE General Test scores or GATE scores is required, while TOEFL or IELTS is required for non-native English speakers.

Please check this link for details on availability of scholarships.

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